Louisville Riverport Authority has been a centerpiece of economic growth and development in Louisville, Kentucky for the past 30 years.  Riverport is still an ideal location for businesses to grow as demonstrated by companies like Kentucky Trailer, Dynacraft, Algood Food, and Coca-Cola Consolidated.

The Place to Grow Your Business

Today Riverport is home to more than 100 companies engaged primarily in manufacturing or logistics and distribution. Riverport’s proximity to major roadways, rail, the Ohio River, the availability of a well-prepared workforce and access to cost-effective utilities make it especially attractive to advanced manufacturing companies.  

Riverport is also a Foreign-Trade Zone with financial incentives for importers and exporters of raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods. In addition, the nearby UPS Worldport makes Louisville International Airport one of the nation’s busiest cargo operations and Louisville a leader in logistics and distribution.